What to Know About Your Roof as a Homeowner

Whether you are a new homeowner or have lived in the Jacksonville, Florida area for a while, there is a lot of crucial information to be aware of when it comes to your roof. While many homeowners tend to forget about their roofs unless there is a blatant problem with it, many total replacements can be avoided if routine maintenance and inspections are performed on your roof. As a local roofing and repair specialist in the Jacksonville area, Morgan Conley Roofing & Repair has been helping many Jacksonville residents keep their roofs functioning properly for years. Take a look at our top advice on what to know about your roof as a homeowner.


Inspect your roof regularly

Typically many homeowners reserve inspections for only after an intense Florida storm, or if they are trying to sell their house. While these are both great times to get your roof inspected by a professional, roofing, especially asphalt shingles, should be inspected every two to three years to make sure that there are no underlying issues. Catching issues early is a great way to avoid having to replace your entire roof when a small repair is done initially.


Cleaning Your Gutters is Necessary

Although clogged gutters reduce your home’s curb appeal, they can be more damaging to your roof than many residents are aware of. Gutters serve the purpose of transporting water away from your home and roof. When gutters are clogged, your downspouts cannot work properly and puddles can form under your shingles. When water pools, leaks are more likely to happen which can ruin your roof and attic. It is best to keep gutters clear to avoid any leaking from happening.


Leave Your Repairs to the Professionals

While it might seem like a good idea to repair shingles on your own, you may end up doing a lot more damage than it is worth. With the ability to compromise your roof’s integrity, the possibility of injury, and the look of your roof on the line; it is best to leave any repair work to a seasoned professional roofer.


All Roofs Eventually Need Replacing

It can be easy to forget about your roof especially when there are always repairs needed for your home. While it would be great if roofs lasted forever, unfortunately even with a well-maintained roof, there comes a time that you will need to fully replace your roof. Depending on the material that your roof is built with, roofs can last anywhere from 25-50 years before needing to be replaced.


When it comes to roofing Jacksonville FL residents need to be aware that their roof just like any other aspect of your home needs proper care and repairs. If you find yourself in need of a respected local roofing and repair professional, give Morgan Conley Roofing & Repair a call! Until then, make sure you keep this advice in mind when purchasing a home, or when performing routine maintenance on your home.