Preparing Your House For Storm Season

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With the weather warming up and the beach on your mind, it’s important not to forget to prepare your home for storm season. Here in Jacksonville, storm season begins in June and runs through November. While it may seem like there’s plenty of time to prepare, storm season will be here before we know it. Times are tough right now, so the last thing on your mind should be a costly roof repair Jacksonville FL residents can prevent. While there are many different ways that you can prepare your home for the upcoming storm season, we’ve gathered our top five here for you to prepare.


Clean and Inspect Your Gutters

One of the best ways that you can prepare your home for hurricanes is by cleaning and inspecting your gutters. While it sounds like a simple task, allowing heavy rain water to flow away from your home is a must. Gutters that are stuffed with debris could cause massive amounts of rain water to pool on the top of your roof, leading to flooding in your home. Cleaning your gutters can save you thousands in unnecessary damage.


Inspect Your Roof for Loose Shingles

While loose shingles are not desirable under any circumstances; securing and fixing any visibly loose shingles could help you immensely during a storm. Shingles that are ripped away during a storm could create an open vat for water to enter your home. Having a professional like Morgan Conley Roofing repair any parts of your roof that are damaged before a storm hits could prevent unwanted water from harming or flooding the inside of your home.


Clear Your Yard of Any Unsecured Items

When a storm comes barreling through, it’s important to make sure that any items in your yard are put inside to avoid any damage to your home or roof. Flying items can act as projectiles when uprooted by a storm. To avoid costly damage to your home, it’s best to put these items away. While you cannot prevent items from your neighbors’ yards hitting your home; give your home a better shot of withstanding a storm by lessening the amount of debris flying.


Think About Installing Hurricane Straps

If you know a particularly nasty storm is on the horizon, consider installing hurricane straps as an extra precaution. Hurricane straps are designed to give your roof the extra support it needs to withstand a powerful storm. As an added benefit, some insurance companies will offer a discount on premiums for installing straps. Straps can make a huge difference especially in the eye of a storm.


Review Insurance Policy

Don’t wait until it’s too late to make sure that your roof is covered in the case of a storm. By reviewing your policy beforehand, you can make any changes needed to insure the coverage of a roof replacement if necessary. You should also check to see if your home has flood coverage in case your home is flooded.



We hope that you’ve found these tips helpful for preparing your home for storm season. Contact Morgan Conley Roofing today for your free roof inspection to prepare for storm season!