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If you are looking for a reliable and visually appealing material for your new construction or repair, metal roofing can be a great option in the Jacksonville area. With manufacturer warranties lasting up to 40 years, metal roofing will help protect your home while outlasting many of the other materials used to make roofs. Coming in a variety of different colors, metal roofing can be the element of your home that ties all the design elements together.

Metal roofing installation can be one of the most challenging to install correctly, so it is important that you hire an extensively trained professional to make sure the project is completed correctly the first time. A metal roof installed incorrectly can lead to very costly repairs and the potential of having to replace the entire roof. With over 15 years of roofing experience, Morgan Conley Roofing can put your mind at ease for installing the perfect metal roof. We strive only to deliver high quality and cost effective roofing that our customers love

When choosing metal roofing Jacksonville homeowners have two main types of metal roofs to choose from. The two types include: metal roofs with exposed screws or screws that are covered. Metal roofing that covers the screws are often called standing seam panels while metal roofs that expose the screws are known as rib panels. Typically rib panels are less expensive than seam panels. Lower slope roofs tend to be better for rib panels while steeper slopes are better for seam panels. With either type of slope, we can help you determine what the best option for your need is.

It is important to choose a metal roofing installation provider that can help you customize your metal roof to meet the look and safety requirements that you need. Materials that commonly can be used to make our metal roofs include stainless steel, tin, copper, aluminum, and alloy metals.

One popular style of metal roofing for residential or commercial buildings are metal shingles. Resembling the appearance of asphalt shingles or clay tile; metal shingles allow for unique designs, advance protection from extreme weather conditions, and are built to last many years. Another great option especially for tropical climates like Jacksonville is metal roofing made out of aluminum. Since aluminum provides great protection from rust and corrosion, it makes for a viable option for residents living near bodies of water.

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Utilizing metal roofing Jacksonville FL residents can create great curb appeal as well as a roofing solution that lasts. At Morgan Conley Roofing and Repair LLC, we are excited to help you with all your metal roofing needs. With any roofing project, you need to think of it as an investment. With our metal roofing Jacksonville FL homeowners can rest assured that their investment will last for decades to come. Please feel free to contact us at (904) 380-1563 for your free roofing estimate . As always, our mission is to exceed all customer expectations and goals. We are excited to create metal roofing Jacksonville can be proud of.