5 Roofing Mistakes DIYers Make

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With plenty of television shows promoting DIY renovations and projects; it’s easy to find yourself wanting to tackle some new projects. While some projects certainly can be handled by yourself, roofing should be left to the professionals for good reason. Tackling a roofing project yourself can lead to major repair costs in the future if not installed correctly. Still not convinced you need a professional roofing company to complete your project? Check out these top five mistakes DIYers make when repairing or installing roofing.


1. Mismatched or Misaligned Shingles

When attempting a roof repair Jacksonville FL residents may be tempted to buy shingles from multiple vendors to save on the cost of their project. For an inexperienced roofer, it is easy to mistakenly purchase shingles that are different sizes and materials. Typically asphalt roofing for example is created in large sets, so by going with different companies you will not receive a consistent shingle even if it is made from the same material. Besides for mismatched shingles, many DIYers fall short when it comes to aligning their shingles correctly. One of the telltale signs of a bad roofing job are three-tab shingles that don’t align horizontally.


2. Improper Nail Installation

If you’ve ever looked at a roof closely, you’ll notice that nails are installed to keep each shingle in place. One common mistake DIYers make when installing or repairing their shingles are too many or too few nails. Each shingle should have at least four nails to hold it in place correctly, or a minimum of six with steeper sloping roofs. The placement also matters for the nails to avoid digging into the sealing strip.


3. Not Accounting For The Attic

A professional roofer knows that when installing a roof it is important to allow for proper ventilation in your attic. DIYers often forget that a roof is comprised of more than just the shingles. It is a cohesive system that allows for long term stability if installed correctly. Ignoring the attic will cause your shingles to wear down faster and insulation damaged from incorrectly installed shingles can cause a drastic rise in energy costs to your home.


4. Choosing Improper Materials for Slope

When deciding on the type of material to use for your new roof or replacement, it is important to consider the grade of slope. Many DIYers do not realize that the material that you choose for your shingles does matter. Choosing a material that doesn’t match with the slope of your roof can lead to leaking later on.


5. Inadequate Shingle Overhang

In order for shingles to function properly, the edge of the shingle should hang over the edge of your roof between an inch and an inch and a half. Having an overhang that is too short or too far out can lead to water dribbling into your home or your shingles being blown off from a storm.



With many roofing companies in Jacksonville FL to choose from, there is no need to attempt a roofing repair or installation yourself. Trust the professionals at Morgan Conley Roofing to get the job done right the first time at an affordable price.